"Green Turtle"<br>Boardwalk Collection<br>by Tidewater Sandals

"Green Turtle"
Boardwalk Collection
by Tidewater Sandals

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If you love a calm, relaxing day at the beach, then the sea turtle is most likely your spirit animal. Majestic and serene, these beautiful ocean creatures know the true meaning of taking it easy, which is why we’ve put them on these stylish flip-flop sandals. Green turtles of a variety of sizes adorn the cozy strap, while the brushed black footbed has been given added cushioning to make every step feel as easygoing as your attitude. These flip-flop sandals also feature arch support for all-day balance, and their perfect for women with flat feet or high arches. Wear them wherever you go to carry that sense of tranquility with you.

  • Cushioned footbed provides all-day comfort
  • Flexible arch support gives you added balance
  • Lightweight with a molded footbed for wearability
  • Brushed footbed made of EVA for durability