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When you click on each piece, you will see that we have stated that all of these pieces were "kept in their boxes, never displayed by the customer." This is not to say that they were not on display at the retailer at which they purchased them. This is especially a factor with the very early pieces (HL101 through HL199). It is well known that these pieces had a problem with the paint, either fading (especially the green), or flaking off (on rooftops and shrubbery). This happened with pieces that were on display only a few months at a retailer.

Each photograph you see below is of the ACTUAL piece that is for sale. We have tried to show, in these photographs, the pieces that have faded or flaking paint. We welcome your e-mails if you have any questions about the condition of any piece. Since there is an "ALL SALES FINAL" policy on this collection, we want to be sure that you know exactly what you are getting. You may also call us (508-398-9790), if that is easier or faster for you.

Cape Annie's Customers - last chance to get Harbour Lights pieces. This is the last time that we will be selling Harbour Lights on our web site. ONLY 1 OF EACH PIECE AVAILABLE - Each photo is of actual piece!


For those of you who have recently viewed this collection, here is what has recently sold, and been deleted from this page:

HL112 Sand Island, WI
HL114 Great Captain, CT
HL146 Bolivar, TX
HL147 Port Isabel, TX
HL154 Wind Point, WI
HL156 Point Arena, CA
HL157 Selkirk, NY
HL165 Charlotte Genesee, NY
HL170 Point Pinos, CA
HL171 Saugerties, NY
HL179 Toledo Harbor, OH
HL184 Thirty Mile Point, NY
HL185 Sharps Island, MD
HL193 Longships, ENG
HL195 Jeffrey's Hook, NY
HL199 Pigeon Point, CA
HL204 Yaquina Bay, OR
HL210 Execution Rocks, NY
HL212 Grand Haven, MI
HL217 Sturgeon Bay Canal, WI
HL218 Point Betsie, MI
HL221 Dunkirk, NY
HL227 Cape Agulhas, S.AFR.
HL230 Hudson Athens, NY
HL233 Cove Island, CAN
HL234 Fisgard, CAN
HL238 Cape Disappointment, WA
HL243 Cape Henlopen, DE
HL249 Eagle Bluff, WI (piece #3944)
HL249 Eagle Bluff, WI (piece #3189)
HL251 Fairport Harbor, OH
HL253 Fort Gratiot, MI
HL254 Whitefish Point, MI
HL261 New Dungeness, WA
HL262 Long Beach Bar, NY
HL264 Bremerhaven, GER
HL266 Cleveland, OH
HL267 Charleston, SC
HL268 Cedar Keys, FL
HL270 Point Iroquois, MI
HL278 Battery Point, CA
HL280 Bullock Point, RI
HL281 Mayport, FL
HL283 Cape Romaine, SC
HL285 West Point, CAN
HL291 Georgetown, SC
HL292 Cove Point, MD
HL296 Half Moon Reef, TX
HL298 Kenosha, WI
HL299 Point Reyes, CA
HL304 Ludington Pier, MI
HL307 Raspberry Island, WI
HL308 Northwest Passage, FL
HL309 Craighill Rear Range, MD
HL310 Mahota Pagota, CHINA
HL311 St. David's, BER
HL312 Alpena, MI
HL320 Middle Island, MI
HL323 Little Sable, MI
HL326 Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal Pierhead, WI
HL327 Cape Arago, OR
HL330 Staten Island Range, NY
HL332 Old Presque Isle, MI
HL333 Port Clinton, OH
HL338 Galveston Jetty, TX
HL340 Point Sur, CA
HL342 Point Fermin, CA
HL345 Gibbs Hill, BER
HL346 Grand Island East Channel, MI
HL349 Seul Choix, MI
HL351 Sodus Point, NY
HL353 Braddock Point, NY
HL354 Point No Point, WA
HL357 Cedar Point, OH
HL360 South Haven, MI
HL362 Ludlum Beach, NJ
HL364 Sabine Pass, LA (piece #96)
HL364 Sabine Pass, LA (piece #53)
HL365 Point Vicente, CA
HL372 Pass a l'Outre, LA
HL373 Port Washington, WI
HL374 Frank's Island, LA
HL375 Saginaw River Range, MI
HL376 Haut-Fond Prince, CAN
HL379 Point San Luis Obispo, CA
HL380 Fastnet Rock, IRE
HL384 Cleveland Harbor, OH
HL385 Old Alcatraz, CA
HL387 14 Mile Point, MI
HL394 Vermilion, OH
HL396 Chicago Harbor SE Guidewall, IL
HL449 Highland, MA (GLOW)
HL473 Charlotte Genesee, NY (GLOW)
HL482 Baltimore, MD (GLOW)
HL528 Point Fermin, CA
HL542 East Brother, CA
HL551 Hilton Head Front Range, SC
HL552 Hilton Head Rear Range, SC
HL557 Newcastle Rear Range, DE
HL636 Eddystone, ENG
HL639 Yerba Buena, CA
HL654 Mark Twain Memorial, MO
HL655 Fort Tompkins, NY (summer)
HL657 Fort Tompkins, NY (winter)
HL660 St Clair Channel Lights, MI
HL697 Racine Reef, WI

PLEASE NOTE: Customer pays actual shipping costs!

1. Please disregard the shipping charges that appear on your order form when checking out. Shipping charges will be adjusted after we package your order and determine UPS costs (YOU PAY EXACTLY WHAT WE PAY, NO HANDLING FEE!) We are not really making anything off the sale of these pieces, so we MUST cover our shipping costs!



HL106<br>North Head Lighthouse, WA<br>"Limited Editions" by Harbour Lights
North Head Lighthouse, WA
"Limited Editions" by Harbour Lights

HL182<br>Spectacle Reef Lighthouse, MI<br>"Limited Editions" by Harbour Lights
Spectacle Reef Lighthouse, MI
"Limited Editions" by Harbour Lights

HL801<br>Sapelo Island Front Range Light, GA<br>2008 Regional Event Piece
Sapelo Island Front Range Light, GA
2008 Regional Event Piece


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