If you wish to "special order" a belt design, and are still unsure about the belt size that you need, we have a foolproof method for you that will cost you an extra $5.00.**

This is especially important if you want to order several "special order" belts and do not want to get stuck with incorrect sizes that cannot be worn. We must enforce the "No Return" policy because we cannot return the incorrect size(s) (of "special order" belts) to our supplier, and, in reality, it does us no good if you can't wear our product!

The "foolproof" method is this. Order one of the "regular" stocked belt designs (Nautical Code Flag, Green Whale, Rainbow Fleet, etc.) in the size that you "think" would be the correct size. Try it on when you get it (but DON'T wear it), and from that, you should be able to determine the size that you need for your special order. . . Return the belt to us (as long as the belt has not been worn!) and ask to exchange it for the "special order" design that you really want, IN THE CORRECT SIZE!. . . So, for only an extra $5.00, you've avoided getting stuck with a belt that you can't wear, can't return! . . . . NOW, you'll have the exact size that you'll need for any future "special order" belts, no matter which design(s) you choose!

** We ask for a $5.00 check on exchanges, to help us cover most of our shipping costs in sending you a replacement belt (in the correct size).

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